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FreePBX Music on Hold troubleshooting

February 29, 2008 20:59 by Aleksandar
To add custom MP3 files to Music on Hold folder you can use FTP, SCP 
or any other file transfer method.
Upload the file to this location:
After that yo have to "fix" the security rights with:
chown -vR asterisk.asterisk /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3
chmod -v 775 /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3
chmod -v 664 /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/*
In case you still want to use web interface and plan to upload larger mp3 music on hold files, change the “max filesize” from 2M to 20M in
nano /etc/php.ini
More details related to FreePBX Production Install Guide (CentOS v5.x, Asterisk v1.4.x, FreePBX v2.4.x) visit this URL: