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How to fix Vista Multi Booting, HDD Cloning, drive letter and other boot problems

Today I had to migrate data from one HDD to another. Afected computer have XP and Vista in dual boot configuration.
In normal situation if booted with XP you will see only C: drive while Vista partition is hidden.
When booted with Vista second partiotion is visible as C: and first (XP) partition is D:
HDD was cloned using Acronis True Image 11 Home Edition. Due to fact that HDD was bigger than older one partitions size changed as well.
Everything worked perfectly until old HDDD was taken out and cloned HDD was used to boot from.

First boot XP was working perfectly. Visible is only C: drive and second hidden partition.
But after booting Vista I got some strange errors caused by drive letter change. Vista partition is now D:!

In order to fix the problem I have used "Drive Letter Problems" section from this page:

After few registry entry changes, PC is restarted and everything works!!! GREAT!

I would higly recommend the article for following issues:

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