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How to fix Windows Photo Gallery Yellow Tint Background Problem on Windows 7

When displaying and viewing photos in Windows Photo Gallery of Windows 7, some monitors or LCD flat panel displays may have a strange problem in which the images will be shown with a orange or yellowish tinge in photos background, affecting the display natural color of pictures to become something like Sepia effect. The entire window on Windows photo gallery appears to be colored in slightly yellowish tint, and is therefore appear darker, including the panels on either side of the photo display which which appear yellow on the desktop but are white in actual.The yellow tinted photos may also affect other default image viewer in Windows 7. In some case, the problem goes away when the photos are viewed in slideshow mode, or in some other image manipulation tool such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint or Paint.NET or photo management utility such as XnView.

The symptom is likely to occur after update of incompatible monitor driver, especially on Samsung LCD flat panel monitor driver update via Windows Update. The cause for the error is the usage of incorrect color profile for the monitor in Color Management setting.

To solve the problem and restore normal colors in Windows Photo Gallery, you can try one of the resolutions below. 

  1. Control Panel in icon mode

  2. Color Management

  3. Select your display device

  4. Check the box “Use my setting for this device”

  5. Click Add

  6. Choose “sRGB IEC61966-2.1” (this is the color profile that IE is using)

  7. Set it as default


Exit from all dialogs and reboot your computer, and the color problem on Windows Photo Gallery is fixed.

If your system doesn’t have sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile under the ICC Profiles, you can download the color profile here

Tip for advanced users: You can open Color Management via command line using %systemroot%\system32\colorcpl.exe