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Fixing power connector on ASUS M6000 (M6N) laptop

Today I got ASUS M6N laptop for repair. It did not want to turn on and also it does not give any sign that it’s charging the battery.

Laptop was previously sent by it's owner to ASUS repair center and paid 70 EUR only for diagnostics. ASUS came up with 600 EUR bill for repair so owner did not accepted the offer. They suggested motherboard and HDD replacement (?!). I did not understand why HDD because HDD works just great.

Anyway, laptop finished at my place and after 1.5h work laptop is working again! It needed some dust cleaning and bit soldering...

First I had to find disassembly or service manual. Bit of Googling and visiting some favorite sites I found the manual here

After laptop is taken apart I made these pictures (click on image for high resolution):

CPU and surrounding covered with dust.

Loose broken power plug and very dirty fan

Again broken plug after I have "shaked" the laptop a bit. Now you can also see the rest of the power connector.

Bigger picture of the open case and power connector location

Here is the "guilty" part

Which came out from here... Good luck that motherbord and othr parts are not affected with accident

After operation it looks like this. Metal part is soldered properly to the motherboard.
I have melted together top part of the connector case to assure better joint.

As you can see everything is clean and neat again.